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Trade Ideas Review 2024

The company launched in 2001, starting as a simple web based real-time stock scanner. Over the course of the next 22 years, Trade-Ideas has been busy innovating in the field of active investing. Their mission: Get Trade Ideas subscribers to their NEXT BIG WINNER faster than any other vendor.  Judging from the fact that Trade Ideas has been on the US Inc, 5000 fastest growing privately held companies list from 2016-221 Trade Ideas is succeeding in giving their investors an advantage when navigating the stock market.

The Trade Ideas team started actively trading in the 1990’s and continue to trade to this day, using their own software.  The management and the customers make their software the ultimate in for traders-by-traders technology.  Trade Ideas provides numerous capabilities from live streaming scans, curated day & swing trading alerts, backtesting, computer optimized trading signals, charts, auto-trading, and brokerage integration.  Let’s get started!

At only $118 per month, you receive a full breath of live streaming alerts and charts in the Standard version. If you’d like more advanced features with machine-optimized trading signals AND the ability to backtest your strategies in real-time or simulated, you can choose the Premium version for $228 per month. Trade Ideas also offers annual pricing options that ultimately give you more bang for your buck, bringing it down to $84/mo for the Standard and $167/mo for the Premium.

Trade-Ideas is feature rich and continuously improving. In fact, between when I first wrote a review on them to now, the feature set has increased dramatically.

The charts are real-time tick-by-tick with an ever-growing indicator set. Presently, they cover all the basic indicators. The charts look great as small thumbnail charts and allow you to monitor many symbols across many time frames without taking up all your screen real estate.  Trade Ideas recently added the Picture in Picture charting innovation that makes it EVEN easier to quickly see where a stock is on multiple timeframes.  Below is the Tesla TSLA 15 minute chart with a monthly chart in the lower left corner.

This is where Trade-Ideas really shines in their ability to scan the markets with five completely different window types: Top List Window, Alert Window, Market Explorer Window, Compare Count and Real-Time Stock Race.

Their Top List Windows are the best way to see the stocks that matter to you. The biggest gaps, most unusual options activity, widest or narrowest ranges are just a few available options.

Alert Windows can be customized to show live events in real time as they occur. For example, if you are looking for active stocks crossing VWAP or breaking resistance, this window will alert you the second they happen. Also, with sound options, the system will read new symbols the second they arrive, so you won’t miss a trade opportunity.

If you are not the customization type, you can use their new Market Explorer Window. This is packed full of different, completely prebuilt powerful scans. You just load up what you need, and the system takes care of the rest.

The Compare Count Window is used to visually compare a bullish against a bearish strategy. By default, it compares New Highs versus New Lows. It is a great visualization tool that can provide an indication of what the markets are up to.

The Real-time Stock Race is a NEW, fun and innovative way to look at stock movement. It allows you to catch moves that other traders may be missing by measuring relative stock movements across multiple stocks at once, as if you are watching 20 charts at the same time and always focusing on the winners. If you want to know what is REALLY moving now, this is the window to watch.

If you are new to trading and don’t yet know what exactly you’re looking for, Trade-Ideas has numerous ways to generate trading ideas from their pre-build channels on the Channel bar, machine learning AI or their experienced trader’s curated ideas.

For swing trading, they have TI Swing Picks which is a backtest algorithm to find the strongest swing names. Also, the TI Traders Eye, a curated swing system where traders with a combined 100 years of trading experience show you what swing ideas they are watching.

For intraday signals, they have developed a Machine Learning AI and optimization engine that backtests over 50 algorithms to find what’s working the best in this market AND in what situation those are working the best. This functionality provides real-time signals combined with a trading plan. From the human curation side, their live trading room (yes, they have one of those as well) moderator adds in his favorite scans and watchlists for you to trade every day.

The OddsMaker allows you to backtest, optimize and even auto-trade an alert-based strategy. Create a strategy, run the Oddsmaker to see the results if you were to execute a trading plan, optimize the strategy then automate it. This is all possible with their premium suite of tools.

When you achieve something you like, you can simply ask the system to trade it for you with risk rules that you customize. Brokerage Plus is the Trade Ideas Portfolio manager. It is the control center for all your orders and positions.

In combination with an account at a participating brokerage (e.g. Interactive Brokers or ETrade), you can place orders, as well as view and manage all your current positions in one convenient place. Our Brokerage Plus Module enables you to execute trades directly within Trade Ideas via One-Click Order Entry from charts and scanners. In addition to that, you can automate your own strategies or the trades of our investment discovery engine Holly AI.

Brokerage Plus includes a real-time simulator, in which seasoned pros can test new trading strategies and new traders can learn trading in real market conditions before going live.

Trade-ideas has integration with Etrade and Interactive Brokers where you can send live orders to the market in a variety of ways. You can also link the Trade-Ideas application to most broker’s trading applications using their external linking connection. Also, position size, stop loss and risk management calculates with just one click.

Orders can be sent using their order entry panel, right click menu or directly from the chart.

Set it and forget it. Don’t let a move slip by you without being notified. Trade-Ideas software allows you to set up Price Alerts for stocks. These Price Alerts will be displayed not only visually in the charts, but are also listed in the Price Alerts Window. Once the selected price is reached, the Price Alerts Window will pop up to alert you visually and you can additionally enable sound alerts. You can add Notes to your Price Alerts as well as an expiration date and time. In addition to that, you can share them with fellow traders.

The pricing for the monthly plans is $118 and $228, it’s only $84 and $167 a month when choosing the annual plan.

What Type of Trader is Trade-Ideas Best For?

Short-term day or swing traders with a focus on US equities.

  • The BEST real-time strategy-based stock screener on the market
  • Live trade recommendations from both human and
  • Free moderated live chat room provides additional ideas
  • Numerous video tutorials, webinars, and training opportunities
  • Customizable strategies with drag-and-drop integration and backtesting
  • Auto-trading availability
  • Computerized Optimization
  • Easy to overtrade too many ideas at once
  • Such a deep system can take time to learn.

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